Brochure Sites

A Great Place to Start

Brochure websites are generally around 4-6 pages with some information about your company, services, work, a way to contact you and often some interactive components to make the site a little more engaging. We typically build these types of sites using our custom built WordPress platform.

  • Hosting

    We host and manage your website to allow for easy maintenance.

  • Quality Assurance

    We test our sites on the latest devices and all modern browsers.

  • CMS

    Content Management Systems make it easy for you to manage your content.

  • Responsive

    Our sites look great and work on any screen size or device.

  • Mobile First

    We start with mobile devices and work upwards.

  • Version Control

    We develop our sites in Git to allow version flexibility and backups.


Selling a Product or Service?

Selling something online is much more complex than a brochure website. Depending on your store’s needs, we’ll determine the best platform for you. There is a lot to consider. We typically use platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce or WooCommerce to handle the heavy lifting.

  • Shipping

    Seamless integration with all major shipping providers.

  • Inventory

    Helping you manage, track, and project your inventory.

  • Secure Payment

    We support all major secure payment providers.

  • Promotions

    Time or demographic-based sales and promotions.

  • Email Marketing

    Analytic-based customer targeted email marketing campaigns.

  • Tax Rates

    Location-based automatically calculated tax rates.

"First, do it. Then do it right. Then do it better."
-Addy Osmani, Engineering Manager at Google

Web Apps

Building an App

Building a web app has many advantages, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. We design, build and tackle the visual and technical design elements that today’s progressive web apps demand.


    Our APIS are built for modern application architectures

  • State Design

    We design components differently based on certain conditions.

  • User Flow

    We consider user behaviour throughout the app.

  • Authentication

    Users can log in and out of your app securely.

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